Martin Troncozo-Gino Zambelli

La Realidad Que Vivo

La Realidad que vivo or The Reality that I live born from the musical meeting between Gino Zambelli and Martin Troncozo: a genre a common passion; the Tango in its most traditional and concise format: Guitar Voce and Bandoneon.




This Duet leads us in “Buenos Aires’ Patios” where the Tango, Milonga and Vals live and have lived for over 100 years, revisited with a much current and fresh sound.




"La Realidad que vivo" (the only original song within the disk) has a stronger personal connotation; the Tango, which unites us daily on the stage, and the reflections and the meanings in the words of Eduardo Troncozo (Martin Father), which brings us to a historical period and dark, a defeat Argentina by the 2001 crisis.