Martin Troncozo

Singer and guitarist born in Buenos Aires, son of art and well-known exponent of tango and Argentine folklore in Europe. Beginning as a young boy to cultivate his musical talents by screaming at the age of only 8 years with renowned artists such as LOS CARABAJAL, RUBEN JUAREZ, ALFREDO ABALO, LITO VITALE, ORCHESTRA JUAN DE DIOS FILIBERTO.

Graduated as National Music Teacher at Juan Pedro Esnaola Conservatory in Buenos Aires, he began his career as a 17-year-old with his uncle, Gustavo Troncozo, with whom he shared several stages both in Argentina and South America with the Duo " Los Troncozo ".

Since 2008, established in Milan, has embarked on his solo career at Milonghe, Festival, Concerts and Theater Performances in Europe; has collaborated with internationally renowned artists and orchestras such as Miguel Angel Zotto, Sebastian Arce, Juan Carlos Copes, Typical Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo, Typical Marcucci Orchestra, Tango Tinto, Hyperion ensemble, Juan Carlos Caceres, Anna Karina Rossi, Flores del Alma, El Cachivache quinteto , Olivier Manoury, Javier Girotto, Carlos Buschini, Natalio Mangalavite,ecc

He is currently engaged in a record project with the bandoneonist Gino Zambelli.

Gino Zambelli

A native of Monaco graduated at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" in Accordion Jazz and Conservatory
"Luca Marenzio" of Brescia in Oboe.
Accordionist and bandoneon player eclectic that moves between classical music and improvisation, is considered one of the best talents of the new Italian school of the Accordion "(Amadeus December 2011).
Since 2010 he collaborates with the soloists of La Scala in Milan and performs as a soloist in various national and international orchestras. Among the most important performances: "Pas de Deux" by P. Ugoletti for guitar and orchestra, accordion, double concert of Astor Piazzolla with the Italian women's orchestra (guitar Cinzia Milani, director Roberto Giuffre), "Ulysses between plots and and games" of R.Cacciolla, "Horizon" to M.Betta with the orchestra of the festival piano Brescia and Bergamo headed by Piercarlo Orizio, concert for Accordion and Guitar Orchestra (Giulio Tampalini guitar, orchestra directed by Philip Lama arches of Brescia), "Gitanos" for Guitar and Orchestra Choir Accordion P.Ugoletti (Chorus Orchestra of the Conservatory of Brescia, Giulio Tampalini Guitar, director Silvio Baracco), "Long
Drinks Concerto" by M. Nodari for Accordion and Symphony Orchestra, Bossa Monochrome Roberto Subjects Accordion and Symphony Orchestra, Concerto for Accordion and Symphony Orchestra P.Ugoletti (with the Philharmonic Orchestra of MexicoTouluca).
He has played and plays with: Oscar winner Nicola Piovani, Francesco de Gregori, Peppe Servillo, Giusy Ferreri, Celeste the Moderns, Haifa webber, TinoTracanna,GianniAlberti, Guido Bombardieri, Paul Alderighi, Fausto Beccalossi, Fulvio Sigurtà, Faraò,Vincent Albini Simone Prando, Roberto Bertazzi, Oscar Delbarba, Paul Pellegatti, Andrea Noferini, Giulio Tampalini, Ernesto Baroni, Federico Caldara, Luca Fanfoni, Marco Somadossi, Mauro Occhionero, Philip Lama, Joseph Cacciola, Cinzia Milani,Anton Dresler, Luca Belleri, Roberto Plano, Javier Fernandez, Martin Troncozo, Laurianne Langevinne.
She has recorded several albums including: "Cantabile" by Nicola Piovani, with the Sony label; "Concerto for Accordion and Guitar Orchestra" Paul Ugoletti, for the label Brillant; Disk Amadeus in December 2011 for the 150th, "TrioAdar", for the Amadeus label; "The Snare duets" Paul Pellegatti, for the
label Limen Music; "Chutzpah", for the label Twelve Moons; "GinasteraTango5" Movement for the label, "Brick Dance" by Giuseppe Cacciola, with Patahaus label; "Tango Invisible"; "Tango Pichuco"; "Baila" Tonino Carotone, for the international new music label,La realidad que vivo label Movimento.